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Foodie detective quiz #1

I am a gusher---an enthusiastic, passionate person. You know the type. They are big on superlatives, CAPITAL letters and exclamation points!!! (You can never have too many of the latter.) Their friends aren't just fun; they're AWESOME! The view isn't pretty; it's SPECTACULAR! The food isn't simply tasty; it's EXCEPTIONAL!!!! Take that personality and add to it an interest in food and you'll understand why I snapped so many pictures of the meals we enjoyed (or saw others enjoy) on my recent trip to Argentina. (This also explains why, even now, a week and a half after my trip, my mouth is still watering when I look at these pics!)

Since I'm also a BIG fan of games, I want to invite you to look at all these pictures and see if you can find a common denominator among the foods. What do the foods/meals have in common? Put your answers in the comment section. I have prizes for those who have the right answer!

photo 1

Dinner at the host family's home (served around 10:30 p.m., btw)

photo 2

photo 1

photo 1

photo 2

A Brazilian we met at the hostel, with his hearty dinner omelet

A group of friends at the hostel enjoying their lunch

Squash soup, with curry, from a small restaurant in El Calafate

Cordero patagonico (Patagonian lamb)


Hope you enjoy Foodie Detective Quiz #1! Hope we have MANY winners!!!!! (Oh, and the answer, by the way, does NOT have to do with the fact that all the foods were eaten in Argentina!)

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