They are talking among themselves saying, “This is true. We need to go back to where we belong.”

"They are talking among themselves saying, "This is true. We need to go back to where we belong." Dickson, our Maasai host, told us this, following our talk to the women in his village. You can't imagine how pleased and relieved we were to hear this bit of news! Well, maybe you could, if you put yourself in our shoes ( I mean, our sandals) for just a moment. You leave your familiar life in the U.S. and find yourself suddenly transported to a Maasai village. You’re supposed to give a presentation on nutrition, but you’re second-guessing yourself, as the moment approaches, thinking: How did this happen? What am I doing here? What in the world ever gave me the idea that I could pull something like this off?

You are surrounded by beautiful women with shaved heads, beaded necklaces, and bright, colorful shawls and dresses. You do not speak the language, yet somehow they are coming to hear you talk. You set up your projector and laptop (yes, they have electricity in the village, as of two years ago) and are about to begin when your host says, “We cannot have fellowship unless we know each other.”

Beautiful village women in Dickson's home

Then every single woman in the room introduces herself. You sense the beauty and peace and strength of each one. You are moved. You are amazed even more as they join together in song. Their tradition includes singing songs of praise to God, as gatherings begin, to encourage a movement of the spirit. And you hear glorious voices and see joyous, bright smiles. Even though you don’t understand a word, you are thankful and humbled.

So, you begin. You share your heart. You tell your story. You talk about God’s grace and goodness in giving us life and breath and all that we need for sustenance from the land and animals. You tell them that we don’t need fancy, new food-like products from the shop for wellness. Such foods are making many of us sick. Instead, we need to return to the traditional foods that have nourished for centuries.

When you’re done speaking, you hope something has sunk in, but you can’t be sure. So when you hear your host say that they were not only understanding but believing your message, you are relieved. And grateful. And when he adds, “Now you are telling them that the best cure for health is traditional nutrition,” you know for certain that nothing was lost in the translation. And that you were right where you were meant to be, all along.

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