Must-see event of the summer!

I left Nairobi last night, around 10:30 p.m, arriving in Amsterdam this morning at 8:00 a.m.  It is now 2:00 p.m. and I am sitting at a gate in the Detroit airport, where I am currently grounded due to mechanical difficulties (not mine, the plane's). Groggy from a lack of sleep and the time change, and unduly Influenced by over 16 hours of flight time and the many movies and trailers I took in during that time, I began wondering what my Kenya trip might sound like if conveyed in "movie trailer" format. [Cue the basso profundo voice of the announcer...] IMG_0039

Destiny brings two strangers together to share a life-or-death message about the link between diet and health. Against all odds, these two American women, Mary and Hilda, who had never before met in person, were chosen to take this quest to Kenya, where, decades earlier, Dr. Weston A. Price himself made startling discoveries about nutrient-dense traditional diets. Armed only with a small, outdated projector, a power point presentation on a laptop, and a limited command of Swahili, Hilda and Mary avert dangers and embrace adventures on their 2 1/2 week quest, criss-crossing the country.

Laugh as they encounter traffic in Nairobi that makes the D.C. area's jams look like a breeze!

Chuckle as they mix English with their attempts at speaking Swahili, saying "How are you-ni?"


IMG_2888Marvel as they meet with groups as diverse as Maasai villagers, teachers at a private school in Nairobi, members of a Rotary club, rural soap-makers, and fitness buffs in a local Body & Soul exercise classes.

Initial reviews are overwhelmingly positive:

"I agree 110% with everything these ladies have said. My only question is 'Why are we so few here?'" - Dr. Peter

"I have been eating fermented uji every morning for breakfast, since hearing  your talk." - Judith


"Thank you for getting us back to health. It was a life-changing talk. Keep it up." - Wanja

 See for yourselves: Did everyone agree with the message of these unusual (and unusually short) American women? Will Kenyans truly return to the nourishing foods of their ancestors, or will they find it too difficult in the end, choosing instead to eat the readily-available, convenient Western foods? It boils down to this: were Hilda and Mary successful on their quest?  Or was their trip in vain? Stay tuned for answers to these questions and for more trip highlights in the days ahead. Weston A. Price principles coming soon to a blog near you!