Wise Traditions in Zimbabwe and Kenya

Of course, there are wise traditions all around the world. But I'm particularly thrilled right now about Zimbabwe and Kenya, because I have the awesome privilege of traveling there to get to see and know them, first-hand! It all started a couple of years ago when the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) launched an international project initiative. Last August, WAPF sent two volunteers (including yours truly) to travel to Kenya, to teach WAPF principles and to learn from the people there. IMG_2719


We connected with fitness groups, with Rotarians, with the Permaculture Research Institute, with schools. The people we met--from professionals in Nairobi, to students, to Masaai villagers--were all very receptive to our message. It was wonderful to be able to say "Don't eat the way we (Americans) eat. Eat the way you have always eaten!" It was wonderful, fascinating, and fantastic! (You might be able to sense my enthusiasm just now!)


Now, on this return trip, we go to water the seeds we've planted. I plan on connecting with one woman (a teacher whom I met last year) who is considering starting our first WAPF chapter in Nairobi!. Other groups have invited us to speak again. They want to hear more! Dickson Gisa, the Maasai warrior who asked if WAPF would come to his village in Matapato in the first place, will be hosting us in his home, once again. As a leader in his community, Dickson has had many opportunities to continue sharing this life-giving information about the health benefits of traditional diets. We are going to give him tools and support to do so.

And where does Zimbabwe come in? Before we even get to Kenya, we are going to spend one week at Allan Savory's Africa Centre for Holistic Management. We will get to see the excellent training that the facility provides. People from all around the globe come to the centre to gain a better understanding of how people, economies, and the environment interact and to learn how to better manage the resources we each have, for a sustainable future for the planet.

I am very excited about all of this, as you can well imagine. But what makes me even happier this time around is that YOU can join me on this trip! I am the host on the WAPF-sponsored Wise Traditions podcast. So I am better able to use technology to keep you abreast of al we are doing, so that you can engage, almost in real time, wherever you are! I will do my best to post pictures on @westonaprice instagram account, and to tweet on the @westonaprice twitter account and, possibly (fingers crossed) to use mixlr for a couple of live broadcasts. (Mixlr is the live audio stream app that is on the westonaprice.org podcast page.)

Even if you somehow miss those (or if do), you may be able to go to the "show reel" section of mixlr to hear past live broadcasts. And you most definitely will be able to hear the people I interview on the Wise Traditions podcast later this summer. You will get to hear Allan Savory, wildlife biologist and land management specialist, and Dickson Gisa, our Maasai friend, and many others who have wise traditions to share with us. (To access the podcast, go to the westonaprice.org website's podcast page. Or just get it on iTunes or Stitcher.)


Can't wait for the days ahead! I am sending this blog post from the Heathrow airport right now! Kuaheri, rafiki!