Top 10 Reasons I Am Going to Australia (& How You Can Join Me)

I’ve got a big dream. Correction, a HUGE dream! I am planning to go to Australia this September for one month, to lift up wise traditions. Where did I get this idea in my head? And how do I plan to make it happen?

The details are below, along with ideas about how you can partner with me in this venture!


🔟 After the U.S., Australia has the second-biggest listening audience of the Wise Traditions podcast! The show has listeners all over the globe (in the Ukraine, Thailand, Hungary, etc.). Canada and the U.K. hold the third and fourth slot, in terms of listening audience size. But Australia’s strong listenership signals to me a significant interest in exploring ancestral health there.

9️⃣ I am retracing the footsteps of Dr. Weston A. Price. Researcher and dentist Dr. Weston A. Price went to Australia in 1936 to document those untouched by “modern civilization and foods” and those whose diet had changed. What he found was a remarkable link between real, local, traditional foods and vibrant health. I go in that spirit, to learn from those who honor their wise traditions and to speak to those who know nothing about them or the work of Dr. Weston A. Price.

8️⃣ It’s far away, but I’m going to bring it close. Australia may be on the “other side of the world” as some say, but I plan on giving it a nice big close up! I plan on capturing video and audio content to share with the world! I will record interviews with health experts there, in addition to interviews with those who have lived out the indigenous culture and traditions. I am a connector at heart, so I simply cannot wait to bring the treasures from Down Under to those far from that continent.

7️⃣ We have to buck the status quo and misinformation. My Australian friends tell me that there are waves of anti-meat, anti-raw milk sentiment growing and there is a need to push back and remind people of the healthy food ways of the past. What I say may upset the apple cart, but I expect that may be just what’s needed.

A wallaby on walkabout!

A wallaby on walkabout!

6️⃣ Partners are in place. Good thing too! I can’t imagine trying to pull this off without being “in country.” Happily, Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) chapter leaders in Australia have been working diligently for months to develop an itinerary that provides opportunities for interviews and connections, and presentations from my part on raw milk and WAPF principles. For example, they’ve made arrangements for me to speak at the Ooray Plum Festival in Cairns, alongside John Newton, author of “The Oldest Foods on Earth” and Bruce Pascoe, author of “Dark Emu.”

5️⃣ Doors are opening to visit a communities of indigenous Australians. This piece is critical. I cannot very well go to Australia without connecting with the indigenous peoples of the continent. They are credited with being the oldest race on the face of the earth! I want to learn from them and hear their stories. Opportunities are on the horizon to visit aboriginal people in the Northern Territories. I am eager to sit with them, ask questions, soak in their wisdom, & share it with you.

4️⃣ Urgency to communicate the word that food is medicine. The podcast is helping to disseminate the important work of Dr. Price (and the Weston A. Price Foundation established in his name) but more needs to be done. Just as in the U.S., Australia is inundated with wrong-headed conventional health advice that is endangering the wellbeing of many. It’s time to spread a different message in Australia! And I’m going to do it LIVE and in person!

Adventure with me! (I hiked Machu Pichu as part of my adventure in Peru two years ago. But I decidedly did  not  do it alone.)

Adventure with me! (I hiked Machu Pichu as part of my adventure in Peru two years ago. But I decidedly did not do it alone.)

3️⃣ “Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.” This quote from Helen Keller sums up the undergirding of this trip. From the chapter leaders, to the speakers at various events, to dentists Dr. Steven Lin and Dr. Ron Ehrlich—we are all joining hands to communicate the key to good health. We believe in the importance of returning to more natural, traditional food ways and lifestyle practices. If you believe in wise traditions, please give a financial gift of any size. Just click on this link: “Retracing the Footsteps of Dr. Price” to join hands with us.

2️⃣ The missing link. Yes, Dr. Price has featured prominently in my top reasons because his work is so critical. The authors of the “Metabolic Typing Diet” put it this way: “In the 1930s, Weston Price embarked on extraordinary anthropological expeditions to remote corners of the globe and uncovered the link between modern eating habits and the incidence of chronic degenerative illness.” I want to help people rediscover that “missing link,” if you will.

1️⃣ I can’t NOT go. I know it’s a double negative. My high school English teacher would not approve. But I feel that strongly, grammar aside. This is a calling. And in that same vein, it is ambitious. I’m not there yet—there are crowdfunding campaign goals to be met, presentations to prepare, logistics to finalize, videographers to hire, and more. And yet, I AM going…by faith. Much remains to be done, but come September I will be on that plane headed to Melbourne. We will lift up wise traditions and learn more about them. We will film video and record audio and connect with health experts and indigenous people. We will share this with the world. Because this trip has to happen. And it will.


Watch this video for the big picture of the idea of this venture. And click here to give a financial gift to help make this trip happen for all of the above reasons!

Addendum. For those who want a little more background on Dr. Weston A. Price, read the short paragraph below.

In the 1930s, researcher/dentist/anthropologist Dr. Weston A. Price traveled the world to identify the healthiest peoples. What he found was profound. Those who were untouched by the so-called “modern world,” were vibrant, healthy, with little incidences of tooth decay or dental deformities. Those whose diets included the “displacing foods of modern commerce” suffered a variety of health conditions, including dental caries, crowding of teeth, and other deformities.

If you’d like to dig deeper, I recommend his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.”


Hilda Labrada Gore is a certified health coach and fitness professional. She is the host and producer of the Wise Traditions podcast, on behalf of the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a podcast coach, as well, and the author of “Podcasting Made Simple.” She is also the DC Metro Regional Director for Body & Soul Fitness. She and her husband live in DC with their children and cat and dog. Hilda has energy to spare thanks to her ancestral health practices and her love for liverwurst.