The benefits of the "outside diet"

The benefits of the "outside diet"

This is not a post so much about disconnecting from devices (though that will help), but rather one about connecting with our surroundings. Think of this as a "lean in" post about nature.

Low on energy? Here's how to recharge!

It’s mid-afternoon and you’re grabbing your third cup of joe. Sometimes it seems like you are running on fumes. Is it insufficient sleep that is making you so fatigued? Stress from an overwhelming amount of work in the office or at home? Tension with a family member that's worrying you? Maybe it’s all of the above! How can you replenish your energy naturally? I met a scientist who contends that water has everything to do with our energy levels and our overall health and vitality, but, he is decidedly not referring simply to our hydration level, nor is he advocating the old eight-glasses-a-day guideline. Dr. Gerald Pollack, a leading scientist and researcher from the University of Washington, believes our health is linked to the water in our bodies and he believes that this water is actually present in our bodies in a fourth phase, known as EZ or exclusion zone water. In contrast with regular water, H2O, which is electrically neutral, EZ water, H3O2, holds a negative charge. It is a sort of internal battery that must continually be recharged/built up to keep us running efficiently.

According to Jerry, we need to look for ways to get more negative charges from the world around us to create positive energy in our bodies! The goal is to continually build the EZ water up and maintain ample stores for optimal health. Jerry has several specific recommendations for doing this:

  • Soak up the sun! Sit in an infrared sauna! Infrared energy is all around us. Capitalize on it! Our muscles are soothed and we feel energized from infrared energy. It penetrates our bodies and builds the EZ water which helps our bodies function properly. The negative charge is replenished by infrared light.
  • Grounding” or “earthing” allows the negative charge from the earth to transfer to our bodies. This practice involves taking your shoes off and allowing your bare feet to connect with the ground. Sit in the park with your bare feet on the grass. Walk on a beach barefoot. Get your feet dirty in your garden soil. This, too, builds our EZ water stores.
Sand and surf is good for the soul!

Sand and surf is good for the soul!

  • Oxygenate! As its EZ water's H3O2 chemical formula indicates, it has more oxygen. Try hyperbaric oxygen therapy! It was first used by the military to treat wounds that wouldn’t heal. Jerry has conducted lab experiments that indicate that changing barometric pressure through adding pressure and oxygen builds EZ water, improving the function of every organ in thebody and promoting healing.
  • Aspirin is not just for headaches. Since aspirin effectively treats many kinds of pain relief affecting a number of the body’s organs, the hypothesis was that aspirin builds EZ water throughout the body.  Jerry said that laboratory tests have confirmed this hypothesis. Aspirin apparently helps the body maintain its negative charge. (For those wary of aspirin, Jerry reminds us that the chemical that aspirin’s roots trace back to willow bark.)
  • Drink more water. If negative charge comes from the water in our body, and if the cells in an individual’s body lack sufficient negative charge, that body must have insufficient water. This is why drinking water is important as a tool to replenish our stores. However, the water that comes out of our taps doesn’t have a lot of negative charge. You can get more negatively-charged water from spring water or through water that has been through a reverse osmosis process.
  • Eat more blueberries! Blueberries, kombucha, and artichokes are good sources of anti-oxidants. How are anti-oxidants helpful? Oxidants remove negative charge. So, anti-oxidants are good for us because they prevent the loss of that negative charge.

I’m just scratching the surface of all Jerry shared with me. If you want to learn more, listen to the interview here, on Wise Traditions podcast #67 “Negative charge creates positive energy.” The bottom line is that our bodies are negatively charged, and they require the negative charge that comes from this EZ water for good health. We must build up and maintain sufficient stores to enjoy vitality and well-being. To get that positive energy, look for ways to replenish that negative charge. It is critical for life.


Hilda Labrada Gore, a long-time DC resident, is an Integrative Nutrition health coach and fitness professional. She is the host and producer of the Wise Traditions podcast. Wise Traditions can be found on YouTube, Apple podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Overcast, Google Play Music, tunein, and at westonaprice.org. Basically, you can find it wherever you get your podcasts!

The key to survival for "team humanity"

Allan Savory is a brilliant research biologist. When the Weston A. Price Foundation told me that I could travel to see him and his work at the Africa Centre for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe, I nearly keeled over in shock. I am a big admirer of Allan for various reasons: 1) he has some effective (and radical) ideas about reversing the earth's degradation, 2) he has withstood his share of controversy because of them, 3) and he has had the courage to acknowledge (and learn from) some serious mistakes he made as a young environmentalist. DSC_0532

But what endears me to him most of all is his use of the words "team humanity." This is Allan's clarion call. It is his effort to remind us that we are one race on this terrestrial ball: the human race. And we all must pull together if we want to keep the land inhabitable and fertile.

Motivated by this vision, Allan has dedicated his life to finding a solution to our earth's growing desertification. At one time, he was convinced that animals were overgrazing, ruining the land. (Many scientists still hold that opinion to date.) But after the "tragic error" of culling elephants, Allan now sees animals as key partners in our survival. He even goes so far as to say livestock are "our only hope" for greening the world's deserts and reversing climate change. They are the key to survival for "team humanity."

Now you can see why I called his ideas "radical" earlier! What a wild thought, no? How can animals help us? For starters, they disturb the soil just enough to stimulate new growth and then they fertilize it with their waste. It's nigh miraculous and nothing we humans do to the earth can compare! In Zimbabwe, I saw with my own two eyes what the livestock had done. Properly managed, they had indeed helped the land heal. There were streams of water, where before there had been none. Grass was growing waist-high (and higher), where before there had been only arid, dry land. It was something to behold. My husband put together a 2 1/2-minute video scrapbook of the visit, so you can see it, too. Click on the link below and you'll see some of the thriving eco-systems grasslands I described, community leaders learning at the centre, the majesty of Victoria Falls, and more.


Intrigued? Learn more about holistic management (the big picture approach to addressing the earth's degradation), by listening to this 30-minute interview: Allan Savory (Part 1) Holistic Management. Curious about the specific role of livestock in that important work (why they are a better "tool" than technology, fire, resting the land or planting crops or trees)? Click here for the follow-up interview: Allan Savory (Part 2) Livestock only hope.

Do you want to delve deeper still? Check out the resources below. On behalf of "team humanity,"I  thank you!

Savory Institute website: savory.global TED talk: “How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change” “Holistic management: a new framework for decision making”

*** Hilda Labrada Gore is a health coach and the host of the Wise Traditions podcast (found on iTunes, Stitcher and at westonaprice.org). She is also the DC chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation.