5-minute, 3-ingredient, no-hassle apple "pie"

If you've got a hankering for apple pie and you'd like to avoid the hassle of a multi-step process that involves flour and sugar and a big mess in your kitchen, I've got a great fall recipe for you! The word "recipe" is actually overstating things a bit. This is the simplest, sweetest, tastiest thrown-together side or dessert ever! I just made this sweet apple treat for my family. My mom took one bite and said "Boy!" That means she liked it. A lot.

Here's all it takes. Start with three ingredients: apples, cinnamon, butter.


Step one: Cut apples into wedges. IMG_5085

Step two: Sauté apples in butter. (Use butter liberally.) IMG_5086

Step 3: Sprinkle with cinnamon (again, liberally). IMG_5089

Step 4: Cook until apples are soft.IMG_5091

Step 5: Enjoy this warm, yummy fall apple pie-like treat! (Bonus: It's gluten-free!) IMG_5095