foodie Christmas gifts

Foodie presents to give (or receive)

Do you have foodies in your life? Foodies are those who...1) you think are praying over the food, but who are in actuality bowing over it to get just the right angle for the picture they are taking 2) eat so clean the word "McDonalds" causes them to break out in hives 3) are more likely to know who the big-name farmers are than the name of Kanye and Kim's latest baby (It's Saint. I had to google it to find out, though.)

Yup, it takes one to know one. So as a self-identified foodie, here are few things that I think would be just peach-y under any foodies' Christmas tree next week!

Homemade jellies or jams - Always a winner! My husband made rhubarb jam a few weeks ago. It's not hard (he tells me)! If you don't want to go to the trouble, buy some fresh jellies and jams at a farmers market. As long as the label doesn't say "Welch's" and it's not from a huge supermarket chain,  it shouldn't offend your foodie's sensibilities. On the contrary, they should see the gift for what it is: a truly sweet gesture!


Beeswax candles - Candles are so festive and perfect for this time of year! A lot of candles out there have artificial scents that are stressful for the body. Why not give your foodie a candle made from beeswax? Beeswax is 100% natural! Such candles can most certainly be bought at just about any farmers market or craft show. Brownie points if you can make the candle yourself!

Himalayan salt - You can get small containers of this beautiful pink salt to spice up your food. (I received some as a hostess gift once, and I thought it was just perfect.) Or you can get the bigger salt stones that are said to ionize the air and reduce the effects of pervasive EMFs and RFs (electro-magnetic frequencies and radio frequencies) from wifi, phones, etc. I've been thinking about getting some stones for years, but have yet to do so. (I hope Santa is reading this list!)

Homemade granola - Foodies need something to go with their yogurt and raw milk. Homemade granola makes a great snack on its own, too. Use organic ingredients and your foodie will be over the moon with delight. Make it the regular way or go old-school and soak the oats overnight before baking. It makes the granola easier to digest. (See my own recipe from some posts back). Put your granola in a mason jar and tie it up with a cute ribbon or homemade card...and voila: foodie heaven.

Homemade body scrub - A Christmas ago, my daughters and I whipped up wonderful batches of homemade body scrubs. The ingredients were simple--sugar, essential oils, cinnamon and vanilla. We put them in little mason jars and they were just lovely. It wasn't hard to do and it was really fun to give out such a sweet-smelling, natural, homemade present. And bonus: we even had enough left over to use ourselves. Whenever I showered, I felt like I was one giant cinnamon bun! (No wonder people followed me around when I got on the metro!)


A membership to a farm-friendly organization or CSA (community-supported agriculture group) - There are lots of groups out there that provide healthy, local food and/or support organic farming. Subscribe your friend to a group that he/she knows about or one they may never have heard of before! The Weston A. Price Foundation is one. And there are certainly others. Find a group that your foodie loves and give to it in their name. If they get food from it, that's a bonus! If they don't, they'll love that you are spreading the "foodie love!"

That's it for now. Comment below if you decide to make one of the above or if find a good deal on one. I've got to get going on some of these ideas myself. I hope your foodie finds your gift just fabulous!