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Feeling hot, hot, hot! Enchiladas a la Hilda

Why not match the rising temperatures outside this summer by making a dish that's hot, hot, hot?! Enchiladas are delicious and, depending on your palate or mood, you can prepare them mild, medium, or hot. And if you choose the latter, you can always cool off afterward with some watermelon or fresh fruit dessert! A few years back, I improvised an enchilada recipe that's now a family favorite. True confession: I used to buy canned "enchilada sauce." Yes, I am Mexican-Cuban-American but I didn't really know what went into the sauce for those creamy taco cousins called enchiladas. Then one day I just decided to work with what I had on hand. And the enchiladas turned out riquísimos (super delicious)!

I've got to tell you straight up though---you will need extra hands to pull off this meal. So go ahead: recruit your kids, spouse, friends, housemates, neighbors or community pool lifeguard and get cooking! I promise it will be a bonding experience!

Step one: Prepare the filling. It can be chicken (which we sautéed with garlic and onion) or ground beef or fish or sautéed veggies or just cheese (easiest, by far).


Step two: Lightly fry the corn or flour tortillas in lard, beef tallow, or coconut oil. These are good fats that our bodies need. Plus, they make the dish taste delicious.


Step three: The tortillas come out of the pan piping hot. Get your assistants to fill them, assembly-line style with: 1) your filling, 2) shredded cheese (any kind) and 3) organic sour cream


Step four: Roll them up so they look enchilada-like and place them in a pan that already has plain tomato sauce on the bottom. Top with more cheese, cream, salsa, and jalapeños.


Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes (just to blend ingredients together--- everything's already pretty much cooked.)


Top with homemade or store-bought guacamole and enjoy!

Last night we made 16 enchiladas. Our leftovers today? Half of an enchilada. They are that yummy and they go that fast. Let me know if you give this recipe a try and what personal twists you add to make it even better! Here's to a sizzling summer!

Serving suggestion: side salad and colorful flowers