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Finally...New Year's resolutions that will AMP you up!

We are only about two weeks into the new year and yet a bunch of us have already broken some of our new year’s resolutions and determinations. Yup, me included. One of my resolutions this year was identical to last year: get to bed before midnight. (I am a health coach, but like everyone else, I have my stumbling blocks.) It's always been a struggle for me, as I'm a night owl by disposition and I end up suddenly inspired at 11:00 p.m. and so I get on the computer and one thing leads to another and I'm hitting the hay well after the clock strikes twelve! So, yeah, I’m pretty sure I broke this resolution on night two. I know I'm not alone. Our resolutions, and subsequent struggles to keep them, can humble and discourage us. If you’re in this boat, then, like me, you are tired of the cycle and ready to bust out of it.

That’s why I’m excited to give you some ideas of things we can to do to improve our health that are much easier to keep. Most resolutions have to do with diet and exercise--these do not! As a matter of fact, these are not just ideas or fads that are here today and gone tomorrow. These are principles to live by. I've already been slowly but surely adopting them into my lifestyle and I am the better for it. I bet you'll be able to do the same with very little striving and strain!

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There’s no denying I’m amped about these simple concepts. Ben Greenfield is the former bodybuilder who pumped me up about them! He is strong, passionate, and enthusiastic---a triathlete, and a health coach for elite athletes. I expected our conversation to focus on how to improve our diet and sculpt our bodies for their maximum potential. Instead, he surprised me by wanting to talk about “the invisible variables that affect our health.”  (To hear the entire conversation, check out “Beyond food” Episode 57 of the Wise Traditions podcast!)

Here are the four simple areas we discussed that have been transformative and encouraging to me. On each point, I share action steps for incorporating these into my life.

Air – Obvi. Air is critical to life! How can we improve the quality of the air we breathe in? We need to go where it is! Indoor air is often stale, recirculated, and sometimes toxic (from furniture off-gassing, cleaning products, etc.). We've got to take time and make time to get outside to breathe in the good stuff! Most outside air is an improvement on indoor air. If the schedule doesn't permit getting out, we need to buy some detoxing plants or a HEPA filter to improve the atmosphere indoors. Action: I get outside daily (walking from my house to the car or from my car to the office doesn't count). I have bought plants to improve my indoor air quality.

Music – Ben played the ocarina when we were together, since he was traveling and space in his luggage would not accommodate his ukulele. Why did he bother? He’d never even played the ocarina before! He recognizes the power of music. Science is confirming what humans have intuitively known for millennia: music soothes the savage breast. Something is stirred within our spirits when we experience music. It relieves stress and even brings healing! Action: I play the guitar a couple of times a week. I sing in church.

Posture – We can eat a super clean diet, but still be stressing our body by the way we carry ourselves. Just like a car’s tires need to be aligned and balanced, our body does, as well. For organs and cells to work properly, let’s avoid unnecessarily “squishing” them, as if they were a wool coat stuffed into the drawer of a nightstand. Action: I sit up straight in the pew in church or in meetings. I take regular breaks when working (anything to avoid the constant 90° sitting position)!

Sunshine – Where to begin, in my ode to the sun? At the top of the list is the natural vitamin D that it gives us! Scientists point to vitamin D deficiency as a possible cause of the many diseases plaguing us today! Sunshine helps our circadian rhythms stay in sync, which improves the quality of our sleep. It boosts the immune system and our mood! Action: When I go out daily (see action step for "Air"), I get the added benefit of soaking in 15-20 minutes of sunshine! (And I'm not letting the cold weather stop me--the little shock is good for my lymphatic system! And at least my face and hands are exposed to the sun's healing effects!)


That’s it! Talk about an easy-peasy list, right? Consider these resolutions a way of life. I know I do. I consider them a way to AMP up my health this 2017! Hope you get AMPed too! Let me know how it goes and which of the above is your favorite!


Hilda Labrada Gore is a health coach and fitness professional. She is the DC chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation and is the Wise Traditions podcast host. Wise Traditions can be found on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music and at

New year = same old me

Ugh. I hate it when articles or ads (for gyms or fitness clubs) promise  "New year = new you" when the new year rolls around. Personally, I rolled out of bed this morning feeling quite a lot like the same me, not so different from the night before. Today was a day off for me. I made the same choices as I would have yesterday or the week or month before. I read the paper, did some laundry, played Scrabble, made a few phone calls, and cooked and cleaned (just a little). It wasn't a bad day, as days go, but I didn't do all I meant to do--physically or emotionally. I had good intentions to pay bills, go through a pile of papers, even answer some Christmas cards, but...nope. Didn't get to the harder stuff, inside or out.

So, yeah, I am still me, alright. Yesterday's habits are today's, even though the calendar switched from 31 to 1. But, truth be told, I really do want to incorporate new habits/grow/learn/reach/stretch/better myself. What can I do to "lean into" newness, even if I'm the same old me? What small, incremental, attainable changes can I incorporate in 2016?

Here are a few ideas I have in mind. I hope they will be useful for you, too.

  • Set goals...but just a few. I am making a list of mimage3-2easurable goals that will help me grow, personally and professionally. I've got a lot to work on, so I'm getting the feeling the list will be long. This is why I will trim my list down to just three items. Lists that are too long become discouraging and will end up in the dust bin.
  • Choose one thing that lifts you up. Our family took a hike on Old Rag as the new year came to a close. Yesterday I was on a friend's farm. Both activities reminded me of how much I love being in the great outdoors. It invigorates me, calms me, and connects me to the earth. But in the day-to-day, I choose my laptop over life outside waaaaay too often (meaning pretty much every day). I am going to work at finding a way to incorporate time outdoors into my day-to-day. Let's all look for one thing that uplifts our spirit and find a way to do it more often. An uplifted you is an encouraged, nothing-is-impossible, growing you.


  • The company you keep...makes a difference in your own spirit and joy. Are your closest friends encouragers? Is your success a threat or a joy to them? Pay attention to who is around you. The Bible says "a little leaven leavens the whole loaf." This can be a good thing, or a word of warning. Look for the leaven that lifts rather than poisons. You are more likely to be a lifter yourself if you are surrounded by lifters.

New year = new you? Nope, not exactly. But it's also not "New year = same old me." This year I am going for "New year = gradually growing and changing me." It's not terribly catchy but I do hope it's true. What about you?