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Health is about light, not food!

Dr. Jack Kruse is an expert on the power of light, water, and magnetism to heal. I found out about his work from fellow foodies and health professionals and the more frequently his name came up, the more curious I became. On what basis does he make the outrageous claim that our health is tied more to light than to food?

Based on my recent discussions on the podcast with experts in health and wellness, I have a suspicion about what his theory is based on. We can eat all of the right food, but if we’re doing it indoors, surrounded by electro-magnetic and radio frequencies, are we doing ourselves more harm than good?

I will be interviewing him later this month for the Wise Traditions podcast, but decided that it would be even more enlightening for me to hear him speak for days at a time on the subject. This is why I signed up for his members-only retreat in Playa Del Carmen at the end of the year.

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