I work for both the Weston A. Price Foundation and Body & Soul Fitness. I respect them both so much, that's why I decided to align myself with them. I mention them to pretty much everyone I meet. They keep me strong to be a "voice for healthy living." I bet they'll do the same for you! 


The Weston A. Price Foundation

This group offers solid science-based nutrition advice that is solid and life-enhancing. Their principles are based on the findings of researcher and dentist Dr. Weston A. Price, who travelled around the world to find the healthiest people. Their diets were varied but what they had in common is that they all ate the whole, real foods that their ancestors ate. On their website,, and you'll find all sorts of articles on their dietary recommendations and on just about any health-related topic you can imagine!

Body & Soul Fitness

Body & Soul offers the most affordable and effective workouts around! Programs include: boot camp, dance blast, power strength, cardio strength, cardio interval training, strength & flexibility, and gold. Classes are literally for every body and every fitness level! The "soul" part of the workout comes from the contemporary Christian music and prayer at the start and end of class. Go to their website, and see if there's a class offered near you! (If not, maybe you could start one yourself!)




As a health coach, I've come across a lot of products that have helped me in my wellness journey. These are my absolute favorites. These companies did not approach me. I approached them because I was already a fan. If you click the links and buy something, I earn a small commission, but you don't pay any extra.


RA Optics!


Light affects our health in significant ways. If you think about it, we often spend most of our time indoors—but our ancestors certainly didn’t.

To take care of this imbalance, I get outside as much as possible to get the benefits of the sunshine during the day. And, at night, I wear a pair of RA Optics blue-blockers to suppress the damage from light frequencies that mess with my health. Artificial light exposure after sunset tells the brain that the sun is rising, preventing melatonin secretion. And, this, in turn interferes with sleep, damages our hormone health, and accelerates aging and disease over time.

In a nutshell, RA Optics blue-blockers:

– make it easier to fall asleep
– improve the quality of sleep and cell growth and repair
– protect from mitochondrial DNA damage, & compromised hormone health
– improve mood, energy, vibrancy, & overall health

I’m thrilled to have a pair and think you will be, too. Use coupon code “HOLISTICHILDA” at checkout for 10% off your order!


Kettle & Fire Bone Broth!

As you know, bone broth is collagen-rich and wonderful for gut health, skin & joint health, and overall immunity-boosting for the body. I'm a huge fan! That said, I don't always take the time/make the time to make my own. That's where Kettle & Fire comes into the picture! They make it possible for me, and my family, to drink bone broth (and all kinds of yummy soups) pretty much anytime. 

It's also a relief to know that they use only the best ingredients (beef and chicken from farms where they were raised w/o antibiotic) & that they use traditional methods to prepare the broth. This is a FAR CRY from the stuff you usually find on the supermarket shelves!

Check out their amazing products--a variety of soups & broths (including butternut squash, tomato, & mushroom chicken and even chili)--through the link below! And here's to a healthy happy fall & all year long!

Recommended Books!

Here are some books that have helped inform my healthy living lifestyle.