I've had a good deal of success as a podcaster. This is why I’ve written “Podcasting Made Simple” and been invited to speak at local and international podcasting conferences. If you are ready to dive the world of podcasting, I can help. I can personally coach you, help you set goals and achieve them.

To get an idea of what I have to offer, contact me today for a no-obligation 15-minute conversation. If you want more, we can talk about what that will look like. I have helped numerous people go from 0 to 60, and set them on the road to success. In addition to podcast expertise, I have experience with branding, marketing, and connecting with your audience. Reach out to me today and let’s take your show from just a dream to a reality!


Public Speaking

I am a dynamic speaker, well-versed on a number of topics, from ancestral health, to self care, fitness and podcasting! Recent health talks include: “Self Care," “Top 10 Nutrition Tips,” “Power Plate: Super Foods,” "Get Real," and the “One Thing to Improve Your Health" (given at Take Back Your Health in Virginia in the fall of 2018). Re. podcasting, I have spoken on "Making a dent in the universe," "Podcasting for non-profits," "Finding your voice," and “Podcasting 101” (given at DC Podfest 2018). I’ve also moderated panels at the Fire and Ice Retreat in Minnesota in February 2019 and at Podfest Multimedia Expo in March 2019.

I am happy to address those in the corporate world, fitness classes, community centers, schools, and those in church settings. Contact me and let’s discuss the possibilities.





Entrepreneur Launch Package: For those who want to launch an effective podcast

Includes: guidance on best practices for recording and editing, podcast platforms, optimal sound, branding, naming the show, format, strategies for choosing show length, release schedule, engagement, and influence


The Next Level Podcast Package: For those who want to broaden their podcast’s reach

Includes: guidance on aesthetics, artwork, branding, strategies for messaging, marketing, monetization, getting on more platforms, engagement, impact, and growing your audience


I literally can’t thank Hilda enough for walking me through this process. She was so patient and gave me everything I needed—not just the resources and the steps, but the encouragement, the pep talks, and, yes, even the ‘mothering’ that helped me birth this ‘second child.’ I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. I am incredibly grateful.”
— ~Erykah St. Louis, host of “The M Word” podcast
“Hilda is like having a cheerleader on your team. The moment I met her we began collaborating. Thanks to her, I’ve launched the ‘Holistic Beauty’ podcast and it is creating new opportunities for my business. I love how Hilda listens and the way we bounce ideas off of each other. She is a powerful and positive force in my life.”
— Laura West, BellaWest Organic Salon