Holistic Hilda is a site for you (even though it's named after me, for simplicity's sake). I am a health coach and podcasting professional, eager to encourage you in wellness and/or podcasting! I've been all over the world interviewing health experts for the Wise Traditions podcast, so I know a lot about how to cultivate well-being and how to communicate via the medium of podcasting. I've got too much good info to keep it to myself, actually, which is why I've launched this site! So click around here to see how I can best serve you--in terms of wellness and podcasting.



Less than 2 weeks until this Australia tour begins! I will explore traditions that are still kept Down Under. I will visit aboriginal communities, learning about their ancestral foods and health practices, and share everything I glean in audio and video content. I will be a part of symposiums, presentations and more. Click HERE to donate to help make this trip happen! And watch this short vid to get a taste of what I’ll be up to!


(Main Events Only)

Aug 31 Fitzroy, VIC Indigenous food feast at Charcoal Lane restaurant

Sept 1 Castlemaine Bee Sanctuary, VIC Honey beehive tour

Sept 3 Abbotsford, VIC Meat Matters: how farm animals can save our health and planet

Sept 4 Sydney, NSW Wesley Centre CBD Wise Traditions, Wellness & WAPF

Sept 5 Sydney, Woollahra Development of children through nutrient-dense foods

Sept 5 Sydney, Castle Hill A New Hope for Food Degradation & Modern Epidemics

Sept 7 Sydney, Redfern WAPF member discussion at CarriageWorks markets

Sept 12 Tweed Shire, Clunes Community, environment & healing. WAPF & Gather By

Sept 14 Toowoomba, QLD Interactive Education on WAPF principles

Sept 15 Sunshine Coast, QLD, Reesville Back to Traditional Farming

Sept 22-27 Darwin, Northern Territory Cultural exchange with aboriginal peoples

Sept 28, 29 Atherton Tablelands Inaugural Ooray Plum Festival at Rainforest Bounty

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Are you sick of conflicting and confusing health advice? Do you want more straight-forward solutions for your health concerns? Are you tired of scientific jargon with no applicable take-aways? I’m committed to offering actionable health tips, with no frills (yet all the thrills) so you can live at 100% at every age and stage!


I bring experts, experiences, and epic adventures to you! Every post is designed to help educate and inspire you, with concrete take-aways to help you live your best life!


My latest book

Are you interested in podcasting but get overwhelmed when you start imagining all that’s involved in the process? Maybe the tech side intimidates you. Or perhaps you’re stuck on what the focus of your show should be. “Podcasting Made Simple” was written to get you “unstuck” so that you can finally launch your podcast!

Most people with brilliant ideas for a podcast don’t ever launch their shows because of real or imagined obstacles. In this book, my co-author and I lay out the process, step by step, so you can leap over the obstacles and make your dream a reality. My co-author, Charlie Birney, the co-founder of Podcast Village, gets into tech specifics: what gear you need and why. I go in-depth on how to design your show, name it, launch, and promote it. We both share our successes and mistakes so you’ll know what to do to get it right the first time!

The book is available now on pre-order for a discounted price. Buy it today and launch in no time!

And check out my Podcasting Made Simple website for more on how to launch, produce, and promote your show.